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EDI in Research Methods and Methodologies

Session Description

January 20 2022 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

In Conversation With…Visiting Topics in EDI in Research & Innovation is a series of discussions with experts at University of Toronto on how to embed best practices and strategic EDI approaches within the research and innovation ecosystem. Each session will be hosted by Dr. Nicole Kaniki, the inaugural Director of EDI in Research and Innovation, and she will be joined by guests from across the tri-campus for these conversations.

Session 4: In Conversation with... Dr. Beth Coleman

Many experts have stated that a global pandemic did not create the inequities that became evident during this time, they only exposed the inequities in our society that already existed. What if the exclusion of EDI considerations in the methods and methodologies used in the research environment perpetuates the inequities we see in our communities? Research and innovation are still done by and in an environment of people whose ideologies and lived experiences influence their work and its outcomes. In this session Dr. Nicole Kaniki will discuss with experts how bias and historical concepts of marginalization have impacted the current day technologies and societal frameworks we use in everyday life that may (un)intentionally perpetuate marginalization and exclusion.   

Attendees are invitedto join the conversation by sharing your ideas, candid questions, expertise, successesand strategies!

Additional Information

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