REDCap Resources

REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web application that University of Toronto faculty researchers can use to build and manage online surveys and databases. Below are the University of Toronto REDCap resources that will help you get started with REDCap and understand the basic and advanced features.

Contents on this page:

Title Description Watch Video
Introduction An introduction to REDCap at the University of Toronto. This video reviews how to get a REDCap account and access REDCap Supports. Video Link (10 minutes)
Title Description Watch Video
Create a New Project A walkthrough on how to log into your REDCap account and create a New Project.  It also includes an explanation of the various tabs on the REDCap interface. Video Link (2 minutes)
Project Setup & User Rights A detailed demonstration on setting up a project and managing user rights. Video Link (4 minutes)
Online Designer An introduction to the Online Designer tool including how to create and validate a number of field types. Video Link (5 minutes)
Branching Logic A demonstration of branching logic – a feature that gives you the ability to automate skip sequences within an instrument. Video Link (5 minutes)
Piping A demonstration of piping – a feature that allows responses to a previous question to be inserted into upcoming instrument fields. Video Link (2 minutes)
Matrix A demonstration of matrix – a feature that allows you to apply the same set of response options to different questions in an instrument. Video Link (4 minutes)
Survey Queue A review of how to automate the order that your instruments are displayed to the participant. Video Link (2 minutes)
Survey Distribution An overview of three REDCap survey distribution tools – public link, participant list and survey invitation log. Video Link (2 minutes)
Record Status Dashboard An overview of the Record Status Dashboard – a feature that allows you to get a quick high level overview of the current state of your project. Video Link (3 minutes)
Importing  Data An illustration of how to import data in REDCap. Video Link (3 minutes)
Exporting Data An illustration of how to export data in REDCap.  Video Link (2 minutes)
Reports A review of how to generate a report from REDCap.  Video Link (3 minutes)
Copying & Deleting a Project A review of how to copy or delete projects on REDCap. Video Link (2 minutes)
Longitudinal Database A demonstration of features of a longitudinal database, such as how to define events and assign forms to specific events, use the scheduling module, and advanced calendar features. Video Link (4 minutes)